In Mt. Hakodateyama


    If you come to Hokkaido, take a night view from Mt. Hakodateyama which is also selected as one of the world's three greatest night views 
    I recommend you look at it. 
    Mt. Hakodate used a highway from Chitose with New Chitose Airport, 
    It takes more than 3 and a half hours, so it's not a day trip. 
    Because it will be a long trip, here, to make the trip interesting, 
    You ought to borrow a camper and slowly stay overnight at the campsite. 
    First of all, it is not far from Mt. Hakodate that is recommended for that campground 
    Shiraishi Park It is recommended that you stay overnight at the hakodate auto campground. 
    The camper site has a 12 m long parking lot, power supply, water supply, sink, 
    Facilities such as dump station (sewage drain outlet) are substantial. 
    In any case, good access to Hakodateyama, well maintained 
    In the pleasant campground, the sea view from the hill is wonderful every season 
    It is a landscape. 
    Then I will return to the subject. 
    When around sunset, please head to Hakodate-yama. 
    In Mt. Hakodate, there is a chargeable ropeway, round trip 1280 yen, 
    You can climb to the summit at 780 yen each way. 
    Or there is a climbing road so there is also a free parking lot for climbing, 
    You can also go there by car. 
    By the way, the ropeway has done thorough safety measures, barrier-free 
    I am careful for the comfort of riding. 
    As the sunset crowds with tourists, when the most beautiful night view is seen 
    If you want to see a night view around 20 to 30 minutes after sunset, to be said, 
    Let's wait at the summit earlier than that. 
    Then, if you want to eat dinner while watching the night view, 
    There is restaurant, too and it is from 7000 yen per person in full course, 
    In that case I think that you can try making a reservation. 
    In Hakodate's journey where you can fully enjoy the best night view, food and outdoor 
    I want you to like Hokkaido more. 
    You probably want to visit many times. 


    Mr. 楊雅茹 san


      Model of the car :Regard

      Term of use:5/12 〜 5/27 16nights



      Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

         Would you recommend your friends?


       Yes,It is an amazing experience.



      Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?


       Very good.The response time on FB is very short,

         and that we can get the resolution in time.



      Q Are there any service we are not providing that you would like to see us provide?




      Mr. YEH LI HSUN san


        Model of the car :Regard

        Term of use:5/21 〜 5/26 6nights



        Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

           Would you recommend your friends?





        Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?


         Yes good.



        Q Are there any service we are not providing that you would like to see us provide?






        In Snow Peak Tokachi Polosiri Campfield


          If you fully enjoy nature in Hokkaido, how about camping in Tokachi?  

          This time we will introduce Snow Peak Tokachi Polosiri Campfield It is a campground.

          It is a particularly popular campground even in Hokkaido

          where delicious air is surrounded by great nature. 

           A company named famous snow peak also runs for advanced campers

          Because it is a campground, making a campsite that you can spend comfortably is very It is polite.  

          All the facilities of the campground are new and beautiful.  

          As you go up to the hill the scenery of the magnificent cultivated area is spreading.  

          On sunny days, it is also possible to see the beautiful starry sky to see the Milky Way attractive.  

          Regardless of which other reviews the lawn, which was laid throughout the campground,

          It is said that it is fluffy, well-drained and pleasant grass.  

          There are plenty of kinds of rental items, so it is safe to forget to prepare.  

          If you are going to go for a camping car from Chitose,

          prepare well and be safe You can enjoy camping.  

          By the way, shopping should be done in the city of Obihiro.  

          There is also Tokachigawa Onsen at less than an hour,

          so even after having enjoyed the camp I can do fine.  

          In the magnificent nature of Hokkaido, I forgot to forget the time all day,

          playing it It is very fun. It is also recommended for children. 


          Akan Lake


            It is Akan Lake in Akan-cho, Kushiro-shi

            Lake Akan is a typical sightseeing spot in the east. In winter, the lake freezes and you can enjoy winter sports including smelt fishing, snowmobiling, skating etc.

            Marimo, a special natural treasure, lives in Lake Akan

            The real thing can be seen when going to "Akan Lake Eco Museum Center".

            If you advance about 120 meters, there is "Onsen Kobo Akan" where you can eat rare crayfish in Japan.

            There you can eat Zaribonara in carbonara using Uchida crayfish.

            There is "Akan Yuraku no Sato Tsuruga" at 750 meters ahead, about 3 minutes by car, so you can take a bath on a day trip.

            If you want to enjoy the culture, there is Ainu Kotan about 250 meters from "Akan Yuuhisa no Sato Tsuruga" where you can experience Ainu Kotan crafts and culture, and Ainu cuisine can be eaten at a folk craft tea Polonno.

            There is also a campground nearby, and there is "Akan campground" in about two minutes. It is extremely compact so it can be relaxed so it is highly recommended.


            Lake Akan Eco Museum Center



            Onsen Kobo Akan



            Akan Yuraku no Sato Tsuruga



            Ainu Kotan



            Akan campground



            In Farm Tomita


              Speaking of July is the season of lavender.  

              If you go to see lavender, Furano's "Farm Tomita" is recommended.  

              It is a place that began with making perfumes and other items from lavender oil, As the import industry progresses gradually, unless sales of lavender oil temporarily stop Mr. Tomita, who wanted to leave behind a lavender field, I used lavender for sightseeing, which again triggered the original development of lavender It seems there is a history that the lavender business has been revived by doing.  

              Today, "Furano speaking of lavender" It became famous as "Farm Tomita Speaking of Furano's Lavender Field".  

              Such a lavender field of "Farm Tomita" also started from June 30 of this year Expand the site even further to a place slightly away from "Farm Tomita" OPENed.  

              The overwhelming size and the spectacle that the beautiful purple of lavender spreads It is exactly a scenic view.  

              By the way, "Farm Tomita" has lavender fields as well, A variety of seasonal flower fields are spreading, of course the lavender season You can enjoy it other than that time. There are many cafés in the park so you will not have trouble eating.  

              A lot of soft creams and sweets, which lavender was used for cooking, You should try eating it once.  

              Other, distillation room extracting lavender oil, dry flower Arrangement exhibition room, souvenir shop etc, It's packed with sights, so you never get tired of it. 

               Although I have been introduced so far, "Farm Tomita" Entry fee is no charge though it is such a fulfilling tourist destination.  

              I was surprised.  

              Because there is "Road Station South Furano" on the way to Furano from the Chitose direction Driving slowly with the camper and enjoying the view from the train window I think it's good. 




                Model of the car :Regard


                Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

                   Would you recommend your friends?


                  It was a very good trip. I would like to recommend it.



                Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?


                  It is very good.



                Q Are there any service we are not providing that you would like to see us provide?


                  I want you to rent a car type that is not in other companies from now on.




                Mr. 史遠平 san


                  Model of the car :Regard

                  Term of use:5/5 〜 5/11 7nights



                  Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

                     Would you recommend your friends?


                   Not Good enough,can be better as far as car condition and functions are concerned.



                  Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?


                   Staffs are friendly. Check-in and out is too slow time consuming.



                  Q Are there any service we are not providing that you would like to see us provide?


                   Need better communication staffs with at least english alilities.



                  Takino Suzuran Hill Park.


                    Depending on the time, crocuses, tulips and daffodils are blooming all over gentle slopes. 
                    A place where you can enjoy a beautiful sight. 
                    Takino Suzuran Hill Park. 
                    In this green rich place, many creatures also inhabit. 
                    Small animals such as foxes and squirrels, birds, insects and reptiles may be seen. 
                    Enjoy not only nature but also activities. 
                    One piece called a valley of children has a variety of things such as a long slide and play materials made of soft material, and the best hut for hide and seek. 
                    Especially if you are a child of elementary school age, will not you want to leave from that place? 
                    Adults and children can respond to both needs, and anyone can enjoy it. 
                    I went to visit the other day 
                    At that time, 1 year, 365 days worth of pansies and violas were adorned in the garden and I took pictures of flowers corresponding to my birthday and anniversary. 
                    Dresses made of flowers in torso also were decorated and were beautiful. 


                    It seems there are activities unique in winter in winter, so it seems that you can play all year round. 
                    Although it is in Sapporo, nature is very rich and the site is wide, so it will not turn around in a very day. 
                    In such a case, please use the auto campground named Auto Resort Takino where the park is open. 
                    Camping - I'm happy for cars, I can spend comfortably as there are individual cooking facilities, water supply and sewerage, kitchenette etc. 





                    In Cape Kamui


                      If you say the cape, it is God Rising Cape that you should not forget.  

                      Cape Kami is in Shakotan in Hokkaido.  

                      You can see the beautiful ocean of emerald color called Shakotan Blue.  

                      And the Cape Peninsula, which protruded to the sea, first comes from the "girls forbidding the women" Let's look at it.  

                      The beauty of the interior of the green of the peninsula and the color of the sea will exceed the imagination.  

                      And someone who has time goes through the boardwalk, watching the Sea of Japan on both sides Please walk to the end of the cape after walking for about 20 minutes on one way.  

                      You can see the 300 degree horizontal line rounded at the very tip.  

                      When arriving here, everyone should feel "the earth is round".  

                      Then, if your stomach is decreasing, since it is shakeda after all, I think it would be better to eat sea urchins.  

                      The restaurant that I can recommend delicious bowl of rice is Misaki Cafeteria.  

                      I have never eaten such fresh and milky sea urchins.  

                      Of course I'd recommend a bowl of rice, but I enjoy both sea urchin and sea urchin, There is also a bowl of sea urchin, so we recommend that too.  

                      Then, if you come by a drive, go through National Route 229, Running while watching the sea on the coastline gives it the best feeling.  

                      Even if you take a camping car and make a trip overnight in the car, It is awesome to become a special trip.  

                      A good point of Shakotan A god cape is the best in a journey of a comb. 

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