In Tarumaezan


    If you come to sightseeing in Hokkaido, how about moving your body by climbing?  

    Nature in Hokkaido is beautiful. Among them, the beauty of the mountains is exceptional. There is a mountain in the vicinity from Chitose Airport, which is also recommended for the first climb.  

    It is Tarumaeyama in Tomakomai city.  

    Why do you recommend it for beginners?  

    In the seventh mountain, Because there is parking lot, we can go there by car.  

    It is about one hour one way from seventh to the summit of the mountain. So, many climbers are climbing up with children.  

    That is the first reason. And despite being more for beginners, Many alpine plants peculiar to Tarumaeyama are blooming, Because of the active volcano, you can see the lava dome that steams up soon Is possible.  

    It is a mountain with plenty of charm, but those who wore equipments of the minimum mountain It looks good.  

    Because sand dust flies, for sunglasses and sudden weather change Rain goods are also necessary.  

    It is a camper which is convenient for going to the seventh stop of such a mountain. Camping cars are also suitable for playing in Lake Shikotsu.  

    It is delicious even if you drink cooked in Hokkaido near the summit and drink it.  

    If you feel nature, first of all, please try to know the mountain in Hokkaido. 


    In Higashikawa


      Higashikawa is a town located at the foot of the Daisetsuzan mountain range "Asahidake."

      Not to mention being impressed by its majestic nature, Besides, you can experience fancy cafés and any handmade items There are craft roads and other places, and it is a town that puts emphasis on sightseeing.

      Among them, I would like to introduce you, the first is Asahi-dake ropeway. Asahi-dake is a climatic ground of alpine plants, with colorful flower and leaf color every season You can enjoy changing times.

      Even without taking a ropeway, there is a walking course of 1.7 km a week, Collaboration between the mountain and the plant seen from there is very nice.

      There are many spots to take pictures.

      And for the break to Asahi-dake ropeway, on the way, Since there is a station of Mikasa no way, I relax with a camper It will be fun to go when you go by a drive.

      The craft roadway is a workshop where you can experience handmade experience starting from KITTO Forest Park It is scattered in the distance of about 5 km. Since it will arrive within 1 hour from Asahidake Ropeway, It is just right for the drive course.

      If you make your own homemade work making in nature, I think that there is no mistake in memories of the trip. A place where the majestic nature of Hokkaido can be enjoyed relatively easily, Higashikawa is really beautiful and recommended place.


      Mushroom Kingdom Otaki Main Store


        Mushroom Kingdom Otaki Main Store 


        There are many fresh mushrooms here. 
        The famous mushrooms juice is warm and delicious, reasonable price. 
        Tempura of mushrooms is also a popular one, so it is good to eat it separately by everyone. 
        The space of the souvenir is also substantial. Jam or dip sauce using Hokkaido fruits and vegetables. 
        There are also other dairy products made at the workshop. 
        I think that popular handmade "nametake" will surely find a taste you like so many kinds. 
        The food and drink space is often crowded, but as you can buy it you can eat with a large camper as it is, so it makes you feel a little better. 
        Numerous toilets are open 24 hours a day and the parking lot is spacious. 
        The kingdom of mushrooms is also located in Otaki of Date's Otaki, Yoichi's Niki, so please stop by for a sightseeing or drive break. 




        In Shiroi Koibito Park


          In the white sweetheart park, like Sapporo's sweets "white boyfriend" like manufacturing  

          There is a factory walk that you can see. 

          I know that it is regularly and carefully made in the manufacturing room full of cleanliness  

          A sense of security of "white lover" is transmitted. In addition, there are places where you can experience sweets making, big heart  

          You can make "white lover". Since you can paint freely with chocolate pen,  

          It will be the original memorial and the price is reasonable, I'd recommend it.  

          In addition, there are many facilities, so the event and appearance change according to the season  

          It is packed with fun.  

          By the way, on the way to the drive break, there is also a camping place called Jozankei Nature village.Camping cars are also recommended at such times. 

          There are various cafes, restaurants, take-out shops,  

          Even if I am hungry, there is nothing trouble and it was delicious.  

          Since there are many best shooting spots to put on SNS,  

          It seems to be fun to find your own walking route while having fun.  

          Roses are blooming in summer, Illumination is beautiful in winter  

          Why do not you visit "White Lovers Park" by all means? 


          Noboribetsu Date Village


            Culture park where you can fully enjoy the townscape and culture of the Edo period 
            Noboribetsu Date Village 
            Because the whole village expresses the old era, you can enjoy it as if you had a time slip. 
            Although it costs a separate fee, you can take a commemorative photo with the costume of the princess and your grandfather, you can walk in the village wearing the costume of a ninja or a samurai. 
            In recent years there are many tourists from overseas as well as in Japan and it can be said that it is a very good spot for experiencing Japanese culture. 
            Depending on the time in the village, you can see 4 programs. 
            Ozo, ninja, comedy and action. 
            Variety rich performances will entertain what you see. 
            There is also a museum about swords and ninjas, so you can learn more. 
            The building inside the village is an experiencing dojo, a theater, a meal, etc. It has become a world view with a dream. 
            From the official website, you can download brochures that correspond to Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese and Thai languages. If you are interested, it would be nice to see it in advance and prepare it. 


            If you are traveling with a camper now, run Muroran facing a beautiful ocean 
            How about walking in the train station, Muroran Muroran in the car? 
            It faces the sea and the view is also good, the facilities are also comfortable as it is beautiful. 
            There is also a hot spring adjacent to it, which is perfect for refreshing. 





            House of Furuhayashi



              We share some photos taken by our customers.

              It is "Fruit Dream House" located in the station area of Kitami Road.

              There are 3 places worth to visit. Some wooden amusement appliances are provided in “Fruit Dream World”.

              “Wood craft shop” is the place you can make your ow craft.

              In addition, "Fruit Dream Shop” is displaying those crafts made by local wood.


              Volta workshop


                How about increasing travel companions on a trip to Hokkaido? 
                Muroran has a place called Volta workshop. 
                There are iron dolls called "Volta" and "Nutty" born from bolts and nuts. 
                They are individually soldered and handcrafted, they are rich in personality and very charming. 
                Even the same work, the impression changes little by little because of handmade. 
                There are Volta who dressed as bicycle riding, guitar playing, Sengoku warrior or ninja. 
                There is also a hands-on classroom, you can experience simple tasks and create Volta. 
                If such a voltage is lined up on the window side and looking at the scenery together, would not it be more attached? 
                Even if you put Volta, the camper is still comfortable as there is still room. : - D 

                Abuta Toyako IC About 8 km from IC, there is Greenstay Toyako which can see the lake side. 
                It is convenient because there is facilities dedicated to the camper. 


                It is Hokkaido University General Museum


                  What is Hokkaido University General Museum    


                  It is a free museum which can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot  

                  from Sapporo Station North Exit. 


                   I will introduce the contents renewed in July 2016.    


                  About that history  


                  In 1884 (Meiji 17), the Sapporo Agricultural College was established with  

                  the botanical garden than the pioneering agency  


                  We got the museum in the park, and the attached museum was realized here.  


                  The establishment of a general museum has been studied since 1966 (Showa 41).  


                  The main building building of the Faculty of Science is reused as a  

                  general museum, and a total of approximately 9,000 m 2  


                  The idea of making it a general museum was settled, and in 1999 (FY 1999)  


                  Installation was approved by the Ministry of Education.    


                  About exhibits  


                  【Permanent exhibition】  


                  Starting with the history exhibition of our university since Sapporo Agricultural School, 12 exhibits by faculties etc. "Hokkaido University now", using exhibits with five senses Hands-on exhibition to enjoy and introduce academic materials of the museum Continue to "the world of academic specimens".   Other exhibitions and other exhibitions will be displayed for various periods only for various genres It is hosted.    


                  【About impressions】  


                  As a comment I saw, firstly, since it is a very historical building, I felt that the building itself was lovely and wonderful. And the exhibits were tried variously according to the season It is a content that exhibition has been done and I do not get tired of going to see it. Every faculty of Hokkaido University, which has a long history in Hokkaido Because I am exhibiting about Hokkaido University, I also know Hokkaido I think it will be very useful. It is very recommended for sightseeing It was a place. Since then, a new museum cafe that offers snacks and drinks was established, Privately citizens and tourists were very easy to snuggle, and it was fun. 






                  Shiba Zakura Takinoue Park



                    In Hokkaido there are several places where turf Zakura spread like a carpet. 
                    Among them, Shiba Zakura Takinoue Park in Takinoue-cho has a large area of mosaic cherry blossoms. 
                    On one side, with a large site, it shows pink and white beautiful colors. 
                    Everything seems to have been a small amount of turf crescent for one citrus box at the beginning of planting. 
                    The view is from May to early June, it is a somewhat short period, but it is a very scenic landscape. 
                    The Monbetsu region in Takinoue-cho is a part separated from Chitose and Sapporo, I think that it is close to the natural scenery as it is imaged as hearing with Hokkaido. 
                    As you drive a camper from Chitose, the landscape that will gradually appear will change. 
                    Perhaps it is a journey of a freely running camping car that may fully enjoy the richness of nature. 


                    Forest Adventure Eniwa


                      Eniwa City, which is close to Chitose, has high convenience of transportation. 
                      Maoi Autoland, Mawaru Auto Campsite and other places where you can stay with a camper now are nearby. 
                      If you are a camper, you can visit many spots near New Chitose Airport. 
                      Among them, there are places where I am paying attention. 
                      Forest Adventure Eniwa is here! 
                      It is a popular activity facility throughout Japan and I just opened it last month. 
                      It is a facility that enjoys thrilling by attaching a harness on the tree. 
                      It looks a bit scary, but it looks very fun. XD 
                      It may be for adults over children. 
                      However, because there is a place for kids, it can be enjoyed enough. 
                      Activities that directly taste nature in Hokkaido. 
                      As it is close to Chitose, how about going playing on the first day and the last day of the camper's trip? 



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