We also keep empty suitcases for free


    The trouble of overseas travel is the handling of a large suitcase.

    In particular, unfortunately, if the destination is Japan,
    Receiving suitcase from the arrival airport turn table will start a nightmare.

    For example,
    When you move Sapporo from New Chitose Airport by rail,
    From the International Airport Terminal to the Domestic Terminal,
    We have to go downstairs to the basement level.

    You can not move up and down all by elevator.
    If you do not do it well, you will have a big suitcase and climb the stairs.
    You are pulling the hand of a small child,
    Furthermore, if you carry a baby, an infant ...

    In The Rentacan of rental camper service,
    We offer services to mail the booked customer's baggage to the office in advance.

    of course,
    I will pick you up at the airport with a big Hiace.
    You can also board a large suitcase and get on a large number of passengers.

    In order to make effective use of the camper's room,
    We also keep empty suitcases for free.

    As a rental camper,
    Please travel happily in autumn of Hokkaido.

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