Winter Camper van REGARD



    Inside the REGARD

    REGARD:living room at daytime

    REGARD:living room at night

    No smoking on this car


    Ski sets can put in storage



    You can dry the Ski wear in the Campervan

    for sleep :4Adult+1child

    Full frat bed
    Size 1,950mm×1,000mm

    On top of the driver's seat, there is a pull-down bed.
    (this picture is after bed setting)

    Size 1,950mm×1,340mm

    In the rear,  there is bunk bed.
    Size: 1,850mm ×  800

    Sink and raise the top plate has been set.
    22 liters of radiator and external AC power supply type
    Because the water heater has been installed
    Radiator heat or AC100V power during use after traveling
    As a hot water boiler, you can also use the hot water.

    Portable gas stove(need portable Gas,you can buy corner store)

    Only boil water or  milk... inside the car.
    Please cook outside things that smell.






    It is heater control panel.
    Warm up the car without the engine running





    Ventilation fan is only the ceiling of the living room

    toilet. (toilet is optional.)
    Cassette-type flush toilet,
    hand washing unit, hot water shower .
    ventilation fan on the ceiling.

    In winter,Water section unavailable
    because of frozen.



    Driver's seat is equipped with a bucket seat.
    It is good hold may not tired a long time driving.


    Back camera.
    There are two Monitor in the driver's seat .
    Monitor of the above will be projected on the video of  back camera all times.

     there is a storage compartment,
    luggage is put a lot.



    ■car navigation system(only Japanese)
    →but we have English manual about Navigation system.
    You can use navigation by telephone number search.
    Please bring the phone number of the place that  you want to go.
    ■bed size(cm)
    →80×185(2bunk beds)
    ■portable gas stove(need portable Gas,you can buy corner store)
    →only boil water or boil milk inside the car.
    but REGARD has awning of outside.
    Please cook outside things that smell.
    you can cook  under the awning.

    If you cook there,
    we recommend you , table and chair and lantern,flashlight .
    Options listed below(Additional fee)

    ■you can not use water tank in winter because of frozen.
    (both drainage and  supply water)
    If you would use water ,please bring yourself and drain  to sewage.
    ■(no microwave)
    ■Child seat : Free
    →Please tell us children's age

    We will pick you up to New Chitose Airport.( included in the Rental charge)
    Rental &return service will be our office.



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