Hokkaido is also famous at Suites Hotel.  

    There is an iced shop where it's a little good in the outskirts in Chitose-shi.  

    If it isn't a car, you can't go easily, but still I'm bustling with a person.  

    I also have vanilla, the standard chocolate, something Japanese of adzuki beans and powdered green tea, corn and something able also to have many kinds a little different taste plum liquor and eat by a season, so without getting tired, you can enjoy yourself.  

    Everything is good, it's sour personally and Hasukappu of the refreshing taste is recommended in particular. (Hasukappu is wide by Hokkaido and is a known fruit.) 

    When I'm lucky at a store, I may also meet a friendly cat;) 

    A lawn also is beautiful and is an abundant place naturally, so it may be better to taste in a wind-up in the beginning of travel and the end in Hokkaido.  

    When boarding a wide camper if it's being crowded, it's solved!  

    If it's an ordinary car, a movement is the place it's difficult to get where, but such place is also one of the advantages of the camper, isn't it?  

    It's juxtaposed, and I have pizza a shop and am sometimes selling vegetables direct to sale of homemade attachment and jam.  

    How about dropping in by all means?  








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