Rental fee about our motorhome.


    Rental fee about our motorhome.


    Week day


    & Holidays

    first 1night



    1Night extension



    “Busy season” means  Golden Week Holidays(28th of April-8th of May), July 1 〜August 31, and Silver Week Holidays .

    The date of each holidays changes each year. Feel free to ask to our office.


    2017-2018 Winter season price  <2017/12/1-2018/2/8>


    Fee(net of tax) 

     1night2days     3days     4days      5days      6days     7days      8days        

     ¥ 60,000     ¥ 69,000   ¥ 88,000  ¥ 100,000    ¥117,000    ¥133000   ¥148000     

     Over 8Days  ¥18,000  /pre day

    2018 Summer season price  <2018/7/1-2018/9/25>     


                            1night2days      3days         4days          5days           6days        7days           

    Fee(net of tax)   ¥65,000       ¥95,000     ¥125,000    ¥155,000    ¥185,000    ¥215,000   

    Unit price           ¥32,500       ¥31,667       ¥31,250      ¥31,000      ¥30,883      ¥30,714     

           Over 8 days  ¥25,000  per day


    In busy season,we recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible.


    Consumption tax is not included in Rental fee.
    If there is no return even after the business hours,It will be added to 1000 yen per 30 minutes.


    About Insurance

    A:Insurance with no refund payment 

    ¥1,500/ 1day

    This insurance  covered the damage to the camper equipment
    ex)door,fun,freze, fridge etc

    B:Disclaimer compensation system 

     ¥1,500/ 1day
    If you join this system, you will be exempted from paying your own expense (¥100,000 vehicle compensation charge ) in the accident which is covered by the insurance.


    If more than one accident has occurred at the same lending, it is the application of only the first accident.
    After Rental, you can not cancel this insurance.

    International driver's ( people who have international driver licence)have to buy this insurance of both A and B.
    Its the essential requisites for a rental car contract.

    Insurance Coverage
    We are covered by the following voluntary insurance.

    Bodily injury coverage Maximum amount for 1 person : with no limitation (Including Automobile Liability for damage insurance)
    Property damage coverage Maximum amount for 1 accident : with no limitation
    ※With no disclaimer
    Passenger’s injury coverage Maximum amount for 1 person  ¥30,000,000
    Vehicle coverage The current price of Maximum amount for 1 accident
    ※Disclaimer : ¥100,000

    Necessary documents
    ・Driver’s licenses of all the persons who are going to  drive the camper.
    ・Credeit card

    Please read the following notes carefully.
    The subscription fee which has been paid in advance will be returned to the customer, when it becomes impossible to rent the camper because of vehicle damage, any troubles of our store, natural disasters, and any other inevitable accidents.
    If it becomes impossible to use the camper during camping because of the above reasons, the rental fee for the period in which the camper cannot be used will be returned to the customer.
    An alternative vehicle will not be provided.
    We cannot compensate any other inconvenience.

    Driver’s licenses which permit driving of automobiles for Foreigner
    in Japan are as follows:

    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------
    ■Japanese driver’s license 
    Driver's licenses issued by public safety commissions in Japan.

    ■International driving permit
    International driving permit issued in one of the signatory countries/territories (not including Japan)
    of the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (1949).
    Must be able to simultaneously present passport.

    ■ Foreign driver's licenses
    Drivers with licenses issued by Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia,
    Monaco or Taiwan must be able to simultaneously present their passport and
    a Japanese translation of their driver’s license.

    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------------





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