Characteristics of our motorhome in Hokkaido Japan


    Characteristics of our motorhome in Hokkaido Japan

    Our camper is equipped with air suspension so that you can drive comfortably.
    The air suspension reduces vibration and makes you
    feel comfortable. Rear seat is also safe.

    Our camper is always kept clean.
    Our camper is kept clean by our specialized staff.
    You can stay comfortably in a clean car.

    Outdoor goods rental service is available
    Sleeping bags, cooler boxes, tables are available to rent. You can come to our office with only a small baggage.

    We are providing recommended accommodations and sightseeing tour of the area.
    Feel free to ask to our local staff.

    Cleaning and maintenance of our rental camper is outsourced to “Wind Valley”,
    continuous employment support office A-type.
    This tie-up is intended for expansion of employment and self-sufficiency support for persons with disabilities, and for local revitalization.

    Continuous employment support office A-type is intended to support regular employment of persons with disabilities by helping them solve their own problems and learn necessary skills for their future career. Users can learn skills under enough consideration to their health and disabilities.


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