In The patchwork hill


    When I go to Biei, the first thing I want you to see is the patchwork hill.  

    A vast field spreads out to places where gently rolling hills stand, Because various crops are planted like big patchwork It is said to be a patchwork hill.  

    The crops growing every season also change, and where the scenery is completely different It is a highlight.  

    It will not get tired even if I go how many times.  

    The hill itself is now famous as a sightseeing spot, In the middle of the hill, the spot used in Japan's famous commercial There are some places.  

    None of them stand nestling in the hill, some trees are the leading role I will introduce three of them.  

    The three are "Seven Star's Tree" "Ken and Mary's Tree" "Parent-Child Tree" It is what is called.  

    "Seven Star Tree" is a tobacco CM as its name suggests, "Ken and Mary's Tree" was a skyline commercial, both of which were boom at the time.  

    "Parent-Child Tree" is cute though the large and small trees like parent and child are lined up, Whichever tree, if you look closely, there is nothing special Because it is an ordinary tree, as a spot to shoot, including the hills I recommend you to take a landscape from a distance.  

    If you can take it well, it really looks like a beautiful picture like a single postcard.  

    Because Biei has a station on the road called "Hill's Hula" It is also a matter of going on a relaxing trip with a convenient camper I think it's good.  

    While staying in Biei comfortably, you can keep the scenery that remembers as much as you want Please take a look.