In Yotei Sugatami Pond


    There is Mount Yotei in the mountain representing Hokkaido. 
    You can see the maestroy of Mt. Yotei in the middle of the drive 
    Always feel very refreshing and feeling rising. 
    Not only to see Yotei such a drive along 
    I stuck to the angle and the surrounding scenery more, 
    If you want to see it from the best place, the best to shoot 
    There is a place of recommendation. 
    The place is called "Agri station" 
    Some places like eating and drinking establishment, like a road station 
    It is the view of Mt. Mt. Yotei as seen from the "Yotei Sugatami Pond" located nearby. 
    The collaboration between the pond and Mt. Yotei is very sacred, and the solemnity of Mt. Yotei is also 
    It is the best spot that you can feel. 
    If you look at the scenery, I think that you will feel worth it. 
    By the way, the food of "Agri Station" 
    "Farmer's side by side and Yotei mountain" and "Farmer's Western food restaurant Yaga Taa" also 
    Because you can eat delicious food of particular attention using spring water of Mt. Yotei 
    I recommend you try eating once. 
    And then I went ahead of it, "Makuru Fire Camp Site" 
    Because there is a beautiful campground called 'Camping car' there is one night 
    I think that it is wonderful. 
    Please try and enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of Hokkaido.