In Hakodate


    Speaking of Hakodate is famous for Goryokaku Park, 
    There are other famous sightseeing spots in Hakodate which is popular for sightseeing 
    there are many. This time, I will introduce three of them. 
    Kanamori red brick warehouse, shopping mall in 1988 
    I was born again in a warehouse that doubled it. 
    Warehouse of wall like cobblestone road and red brick is Japan, but like a different country 
    You can taste the atmosphere. 
    Hakodate souvenir shops and other goods stores and Hakodate unique restaurants, 

    Facilities that can enjoy sightseeing are enriched 
    Yu River hot spring is one of Hakodate's famous spa towns. 
    There is "Monkeyama Onsen" in Hakodate city tropical botanical garden in the hot spring town. 
    It is very famous that the Japanese monkey gets its face red and enters a hot spring 
    It is a popular spot. 
    Please go to see it once healed. 
    By the way, as well as the hot springs where humans enter, the quality of spring well warmed 
    It is also recommended to heal the tiredness of the trip. 
    The Trapischine monastery is a girls' monastery founded in 1931. 
    It began with eight nuns of France. 
    Even today, nuns are offering prayers and can not watch 
    Some of the nuns' lives inside were introduced at the museum, 
    You can visit a beautiful garden. 
    There are also shops, miscellaneous goods such as angel or Maria postcards and plates 
    Things you can wear such as cross pendants, something you can make for souvenirs 
    I sell it. Trapisutinu Cookie is delicious and famous. 

    Although it is such Hakodate, if it pains, if it is a camper car from Chitose 
    It is also advisable to drive slowly. 
    There are plenty of spots you would like us to visit by all means on the way. 
    Eat crab meal famous for Oshamanbu, famous for hamburgers 
    Stop by lucky clown and gourmet is enriched, 
    If you enjoy seeing, Matsumae Castle and others are also famous. 
    If Hakodate has plenty of places to watch, it's definitely a camping car 
    I think that it is better to drive by using it.